giovedì 21 aprile 2011

Sta zitta e ascolta.

A volte credo sia meglio rispettare le parole degli altri o almeno accettare i regali così come sono.
Senza la presunzione di trasformarli in ciò che tu realmente vorresti.
Ma Yoko, tu dalla vita che cosa vorresti?

I don't know how
How we're gonna get out
But I'm not scared
Of getting point to point

And I won't care
Leaving everyone behind
Cause I've got them all
Leaving with me in my mind

You know I can't do everything that is best for us
Leaving our home, makes us grow, then I'll go with you
Then I'll go with you
Then I'll go with you

You know I'll be alright
With whatever it is
Our choices aren't too bad
It's the distance

I know I push it over
And I'm sorry for that
Don't mean to make this hurt
When we haven't started yet.

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